Host a Training

Groups often ask what is involved to act as a host for an ACT Training Course. The following are expectations and guidelines of things that are needed in order to be considered for being a Host Site for an ACT Training Course. (All Trainings are subject to availability of training staff from ACT.)


Costs vary, depending on teachers’ travel expenses and administrative costs. Cost factors will include:

Books (approximately)

PhP 4,000 worth per course participant

THB 3,000 worth per course participant

Teachers Personal Expenses

  • Room and board for each Teacher Trainer for six weeks
  • Transportation for one round trip for each Teacher Trainer from and to Manila Philippines or Chiang Mai Thailand (airfare outside of Luzon, the Philippines or Chiang Mai province, Thailand)
  • Laundry service provided for each Teacher Trainer


  • Classroom rental
  • Local transportation for Teacher Trainers
  • Photocopying of in-class materials
  • Classroom supplies as needed
  • Equipment–maintenance, rental, transporting
  • Transporting of books and supplies for training
  • English proficiency testing materials
  • Communications: (mail, delivery services, e-mail, etc.)

Class Selection Process

  • Classes sizes must be between 12 and 20 people
    • Courses with 12 - 16 participants will require two (2) instructors
    • Courses with 17 - 20 students will require three (3) instructors
  • Each student must pass an English Proficiency test, or have an official TEOFL Paper based test score of 550+, TOEFL CBT= 213+, TOEFL IBT=79+ TOEIC score 650+, IELTS =6.5+, Cambridge CAE+, CEFR = C1, or be a native North American, Australian, New Zealand or British English speaker
  • Each student must provide references regarding character and commitment to calling


  • Host sites must provide a site to host a practicum for student teachers to practice their TESOL teaching skills.
  • Host sites MUST Ensure a practicum of low to intermediate level ADULT speakers for each teacher training team*. Six students are required for each team teaching pair.
    • Example: If there are 12 students teachers then there will be six teaching teams. Each team needs six students. Six teams times six practicum students equals 36 ADULT practicum students.
  • Teaching training practicum meet for two hours Monday through Friday for the last two weeks of a five week training. Times can range from 2:00 pm and ending no later than 9:00 pm. This is for a total of 20 hours.

* Trainees will be teamed together in teams of two or three for the practicum

An administrative fee will be collected from each TESOL participant of $25 USD.