Asia's Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week course comprising 120 hours of lecture and 20 hours of practice teaching/classroom observation.

The LECTURE PORTION covers the following topics:

  • Basic Linguistics
  • Second language acquisition
  • Theories and styles of learning
  • Theories and methods of teaching:
    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening
    • Grammar
    • Pronunciation
    • Lesson planning
    • Learner needs analysis
    • Syllabus design and materials development
    • Use of media
    • Classroom management
    • Testing
    • Program design and evaluation.
  • Students are assessed through examinations, classroom presentations, essays, and written projects.
  • The text for this portion of the course is Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language by Marianne Celce-Murcia, 4th ed, Heinle & Heinle / Thomson Learning, © 2010.
  • The lecture portion of the course also includes a review of the English grammatical system, with special attention given to those aspects of English grammar which are especially difficult for second language learners.
  • Students are assessed through examination, micro-teaching of assigned grammar points, as well as grammar lessons taught during the teaching practicum. The text for this section of the course is the Prentice Hall Grammar and Composition book 1

The lecture portion of the course is complemented by 20 hours of classroom observation and professionally supervised PRACTICE TEACHING. Students are required to assess the needs and proficiency of the language learners, develop a syllabus appropriate for them, and prepare daily lesson plans accordingly. The students’ performance during this portion of the course is assessed through their written lesson plans and observations of their teaching.