David and Vicky Scott from the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii, taught in Cebu. Rosa Warner is one of the trainees. This was a four week course, including practicum.


David Scott assisted by Rosa Warner taught in General Santos City, April-May. The vision expanded to train workers for anywhere in the world. Jurene Breidenbach takes the course.

Rosa Warner goes to Hawaii later in the year for further training as a TESOL teacher trainer.


Rosa Warner teaches in General Santos City, April-May. She is assisted by Jurene Breidenbach and Monina Dubduban. The class is evacuated to Manila to finish, due to bombings in General Santos.


Rosa Warner teaches in General Santos City, April-May. She is assisted by Janet Lucasan.


Rosa Warner teaches in General Santos City, assisted by Jurene Breidenbach. ACT was registered in December with the SEC, under the new program director, Sam Kuka. The vision again expanded to train people in Asia and beyond.


The first course under ACT was at Christ Commission Fellowship, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Sam Kuka taught January-March, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The content of the course was expanded to 120 hours classroom instruction and a 20 hour practicum.

Davao City is the site in April-May. Sam Kuka teaches, assisted by Mrs. Rosa Smith, Hester Bucy, and Kathi Williams.

The next course was taught at Biblical Seminary of the Philippines in May. Sam Kuka was assisted by Mrs. Rosa Smith, Hester Bucy, and Dr. Glen Deckert. This course is120 hours with the 20 hour practicum but is held for a four weeks time frame. It is decided to keep it a five week program from now on.

The next course is taught at the Worldwide Church of God, Matahimik St, Quezon City in November. Sam Kuka was assisted by Dr. Bob Martin and Jurene Breidenbach.

This course was four weeks long with no practicum. The students had to find their own practicum and send in reports and reflections for a grade. This was the first expanded course taught as a five weeks intensive program.


The first course of 2004 is April-May at BSOP with Sam Kuka teaching, assisted by Jing Carag and Dr. Bob Martin.

Simultaneously a course is taught in Davao by Jurene Breidenbach. The practicum portion was completed in General Santos City, where Jurene was assisted by Mrs. Sandy Flammini.

The third course is taught in Baguio City in August-September. Jurene Breidenbach taught, assisted by Sam Kuka and Mrs. Shirley Seale.

The final course of 2004 is held in Marakina City Metro Manila. This is taught by Sam Kuka and assisted by Jurene Breidenbach.

All the courses in 2004 and after were five weeks long and included a practicum.


Is the first year that ACT took its training internationally to Chiang Mai Thailand. The training was a two week Introduction to TESOL.

Teachers included Sam Kuka and Jurene Breidenbach. 15 students headed into their chosen fields of ministry after the training.

In April and May the third BSOP TESOL training was held. 12 students from around the Philippines attended. The training was lead by Sam Kuka, Jurene Breidenbach, and Dr. Bob Martin.

Nathan and Mary Enns joined the ACT team on a one year assignment starting in July.

Sam and Nathan were in Shantou China for two weeks instructing public and private school teachers of English in partnership with PACES Philippines.

In September and October of this year Nathan and Sam instructed 12 students at the YWAM Antipolo base. Students came from the Philippines, Canada and Korea.

Sam and Nathan has been busy with curriculum revisions after this time because of the cancellation of the Asian Theological Seminary course.


Early in the year Sam Kuka and Nathan Enns returned to Thailand to teach another two-week introductory course.

In April-May, Sam and Nathan taught the fourth BSOP course, with 20 graduates. This course was held in Cebu.

In the middle of the year Sam Kuka and his family went on home service for a year. Nathan and Mary Enns finished their one-year term of service. Jurene Breidenbach returned from her home service.

In October-November, Jurene Breidenbach taught a course in Cubao, Quezon City. Six people graduated from this course. She was assisted by Del Canlas, a graduate of the 2003 WCG course.


In February Jurene Breidenbach taught a four-day refresher course to previous graduates in General Santos City, Mindanao.

In March Jurene taught a course for The Navigators in Cubao, Quezon City. Four Indonesians came for the course. Eight people completed the course, four receiving TESOL certificates, and four receiving the newly-instituted Certificate of Audit. Jurene was assisted by Luz Jarumayan.

In April-May, Jurene Breidenbach taught the fifth BSOP course, this time in Davao City. Robin and Jan Pocklington assisted. Twenty-two participants earned their TESOL certificates in this course.

Another course was held in Cubao, Quezon City, in July-August. Jurene Breidenbach taught, assisted by Janet Medina (2002 ACT grad) and Celia Caspillo (ISOT-TESOL grad). Seven people earned their TESOL certificates, and one received a Certificate of Audit.


Sam Kuka and family returned from home service. A course was held in January-February in Cubao, Quezon City. Jurene Breidenbach taught, assisted by Sam. Four people received TESOL certificates, while two received Certificates of Audit.

A summer course was held March-May, also in Cubao. Sam taught, assisted by Jurene. Ten people earned TESOL certificates, and three people received Certificates of Audit.

To date, 290 people have completed the TESOL course through Asia’s Center for TESOL. At least 155 of them have gone on to use their TESOL skills in the Lord’s service, either in the Philippines or abroad.


The ASEAN Center for TESOL officially opens in Chiang Mai, Thailand.